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Carbon fiber on the basis of viscose Uglen-9CR

Carbon fiber on the basis of viscose Uglen-9CR

$ 135 /kilogram
from $ 130 /kilogram, min. 10 kg  wholesale
Delivery terms: FCA Minsk 
Simonov Alexander, CEO
Flagma member since 31 March 2016

The carbon fiber is material of black color with a brilliant tide, flavourless, is not toxic, is not explosive. The carbon fiber low-hygroscopic, but owing to a developed surface occurs a sorption of steams to moisture content about (0,2–3,0) %, not changing its mechanical characteristics. The carbon fiber possesses photochemical and weatherability, high resistance to action of a penetrating radiation, reagent resistance to concentrated acids, alkalis, all types of solvents, moderate oxidizers. The carbon fiber is biostable and bioinert material.
Physicomechanical properties of a carbon fiber:
Carbon content in fiber 93-95%
Mechanical tension for a rupture of the ultimate fiber 430-500 MPa
Specific electrical resistance, 0,04 Om*cm
Fiber cut length ~15 mm or plait (Weight of plait length of 1.0 m ~13grams

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